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Youth on the Move 

"We Love the Lord and are ready to be used by Him."

This ministry is for youth who don't follow the crowd or attempt to fit into the standard molds set by society.  Through learned principles and guidelines for a joyful, complete and blessed life, these youth are moving steadfast toward the plan that God has set for them through purity of mind, heart and body.  The goal of Greater Life Christian Church is to bridge the gap between the reality of today's sometimes mislead youth and the realization of their preciousness to the one true God and His very special plan for each of them.  This ministry meets monthly.  Their activities include rap sessions, Fire on Fridays and open mic nights.  

Daughter's of Ester

The purpose of our Women’s Ministry is to meet the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of women at Greater Life Christian Church and within our community.

This ministry is designed to encourage women to grow in their faith in Christ.  We work intensely through networking and social activities to develop and strengthen intimate friendships between women, and serving together for the Glory of God. Our commitment to women allow, opportunities to be created, which allow for connections with the women in our community. The heart of this ministry is to offer assistance to families in need and invitations to a life of service for Christ.  This ministry meets the 2nd Friday night of the month.

S.U.A.W. Singles Ministry


This ministry is for those individuals that are unmarried, but are waiting for God to bring the right person into their lives.  Its purpose is to assist singles in understanding their own personal wealth and individual state which is by biblical definition: Separated, Unique and Whole (S.U.A.W.). The ministry tasks itself with encouraging strength, self-actualization, and knowledge.  Most importantly, it is designed for singles to see the importance of their own unique individuality, which will keep them from rushing into relationships that are not ordained for their destined success.


Dance, Flag, Art and Mime Ministry


This ministry expresses joy, freedom, victory, and pleasure through praise. Our ministry brings spiritual celebration by the edification of rejoicing in the goodness of the Lord.


Our primary purpose is to minister to the body of Christ, the heart of God, through creative expressions of worship and prophecy through dance, mime, and flag works of art.


Outreach Ministry


The Greater Life Outreach Ministry was created with the specific intent of reaching out and touching those in the community in need of support. Our offer of love, hope, and encouragement is extended to meet the needs of the people's spirit, body, and soul.


This ministry services through Evangelism, discipleship, community connections, prison ministry, latch-key programs, and sick and shut-in visits.


Men’s Ministry


I am my Brother's Keeper "I Got Your Back"


The purpose of this ministry is to biblically train and equip men to be spiritual leaders in their homes, in the church, and in their places of business.


Our main goal is to assist men of all ages, the young to the old, in the stimulation of a deeper and more personal relationship with God. In bringing the total man to fruition: spirit, body, and soul, we promote a positive future-generational uprising of God-fearing men.

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