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“Meeting the Needs of the People”


Our Community Proposal


The purpose of our projected plan called Project Oasis is to extend beyond our present sanctuary to affect an alter change in our local community as well as the surrounding vicinity.  We have recognized that positive change in a locale can only be effective where there is a vital resource from which a people can draw from.  We believe this source must be a viable entity, (a well if you will) in which individuals will not be intimidated by or inhibited to come to simply because they lack the necessary learning or do not have the contemporary social skills to cope with an ever changing society. 


Our resolve to remedy this plight is to build a multi-purpose center and to erect a Day Care Facility/Academy adjacent to it. Both of these facilities will aid as our base from which our communal operatives shall be implemented.  We plan to offer the following agenda:


I.  Educational

A. G.E.D. Classes Program

B. Latch-Key Program (after school program for ages 5-15)

C. Day Care Learning Center/Academy

D. Computer Programs


II.  Social

A. Rehabilitation Programs (Substance Abuse)

B. W.I.T (Women in Transition)

C. Cultural Diversities (study different cultures, foreign languages for better social skills in the work place)


III. Arts & Literature

A. Introduction to music and musical instruments

B. Ballet, Dance, Decorum's

C. Sponsor trips to museums, etc. 


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